Train Like the Stars

A breakthrough 30-minute low impact, slow movement workout that produces full-body fitness and real results brought to you by celebrity trainer Nick Hounslow. 

1WRKOUT is a revolutionary 30 minute LIVE online workout
that doesn’t sacrifice the community feel of an in-person experience

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Who We Are

1WRKOUT was created by celebrity trainer Nick Hounslow for people at all levels. From those just starting their very first fitness practice all the way to pro athletes, 1WRKOUT is for everyone. 1WRKOUT will burn fat, sculpt and tone your physique, preserve muscle mass and engage your cardiovascular system. You will build endurance with no jumping or dangerous ballistic movements and leave feeling energized to take on the world. 


Our Workout

Our classes are designed to fully-exhaust as many muscle fibers in just 30 minutes. Each move is carefully programmed and executed at an extremely slow pace to ensure a unique targeted approach to get optimal results and change. We maximize your time under tension and minimize your time working out! You will notice our signature 1WRKOUT soundtrack during every class. These sounds are designed to help push you through the moves and focus your mind.


About Nick

At the age of 18, Nick left his home just outside of London to pursue a career in modeling, and has worked internationally in London, Milan, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. He has appeared in numerous print and digital articles including Bello Mag, Men’s Fitness, L’Uomo Vogue (Italy), Runner’s World and Zooey Magazine. Advertisements with Nick include Crest, Taco Bell, Fiat, Cadillac, and L’Oreal with supermodel Claudia Schiffer.