The only resolution you will need for 2021.

We promise.

Kick start your new year the right way.

Need to lose weight? Shake those extra 2020 lbs? Look no further we have the 3-week kickstart mental and physical detox challenge for you!

For only $250, get ready to change your life.

JANUARY 14, 2021


What do I get for that?

Unlimited classes at 1WRKOUT for the 3 weeks

A Free Tension branded Workout Towel mailed to you

A Nutrition Tip Guide built by celebrity trainer Nick Hounslow

2 x ZOOM calls dedicated to all challenge participants with celebrity trainer Nick Hounslow

(one at the start of the challenge and one at the end)

A one time 20% discount code toward all class packages + apparel

(monthly unlimited membership excluded from this offer)

Bonus prizes for the 3 people who commit the most to this challenge

**1WRKOUT reserves the right to pick the top 3 winners

Sample Schedule


Why 3 weeks?

Why 3 weeks??

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a new habit…need we say more?! Let's DO THIS!

Will I find the workout too hard?

The workout can be tough and some elements you will find harder than others. However, our amazing team of instructors will guide you, give alternative suggestions and help you achieve your goals. Remember FAST results come from pushing yourself.

How long is the workout?

Each workout is JUST 30 MINUTES!  You can do anything for 30 minutes!  Trust us.

I haven’t been in a gym for over a year…

DON’T WORRY! You just do what you can in the workouts that’s all we ask! If you need a break then take one. NO ONE is judging you! Ever.

Will everyone see me? Will I be embarassed or shamed in front of others?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We tell our clients have your camera OFF to start until you feel comfortable to turn it on! You’ll soon see our online global community is inclusive, caring and welcoming to newbies! We have many clients who kept their cameras off and then feel confident to turn it on. It’s a HUGE moment for us at 1WRKOUT. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your results and faces!

What happens next?
  • Once you have signed up you will receive a nutrition PDF guide via email. This is a quick tip guide for the next 3 weeks to help expedite your weight loss + fitness journey into 2021. We will also include quick tips and suggestions to maximize your class experience.
  • A separate email with ZOOM link to your first call with Nick. 
  • Sign up for as many classes as you want via our website. The more you take the greater the chance of winning the challenge! Our instructors are always available before and after each class to answer any questions or concerns. YOU WILL HAVE THE TEAMS ENTIRE SUPPORT. LIVE! These are live workouts with live instructors.
  • A final ZOOM check-in at the end of the 3 weeks with Nick Hounslow.

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But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Real Clients.  Real Results.  Here’s what they have to say.

CharlieLondon, England

“I am so into this it is bizarre. And I hate working out. Forget the transformation of my body, my blood pressure is down 20 points” 

Louise | Seattle, WA

“I only lift weights, I love Crossfit but after 10 years I have sustained too many injuries. I can’t believe how good my muscles look from these 30-minute workouts. Wish I had found it sooner!” 

Steve | Marlboro, MI

21 days.