Will I be OK if I haven’t worked out in years? Do you have a beginners’ class?

Yes, you will be ok! We promise. We welcome everyone at 1WRKOUT from beginners to hard-core athletes. We do not have a beginners’ class because each session is as challenging as you make it. Furthermore, every person will reach MMF (momentary muscular failure) at a different time. We encourage beginners to start with body weight or very light weights. And our amazing team of instructors will guide you through your first few workouts. (We do, however, always recommend consulting a physician before you try any new form of exercise.)

Can I work out if I’m pregnant?

We have many clients who are pregnant and maintain their exercise regimen up until their due date. However, each case is different, and we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before starting 1WRKOUT.

How many classes should I do a week?

We recommend at least 3 classes per week in order to see results—with 4-5 sessions being optimal. As with all exercise programs, your body needs to rest and recover. Our workout can exhaust many muscle groups, so if you feel sore the following day, listen to your body and give it time to heal.

How many calories will I burn?

Research shows, on average, you’ll burn anywhere from 400-700 calories during a 30-minute resistance training session. However, this number depends on many factors such as age, bodyweight and height. One of the most beneficial aspects of this type of strength training is that it has a great impact on your resting metabolic rate, which means you’ll burn more calories post-workout than any other form of exercise.

Why does each day of the week focus on a specific muscle group?

We structure our program in this way for a few reasons:

• So your body has time to recover.
• Because we are taxing all muscle fibers to exhaustion, it is not possible to hit the same group hard the following day.
• Some clients prefer to focus on particular body parts based on their specific needs.

What are your rules?

We do everything we can to offer the most conducive environment to working out, prioritizing your health, safety and peace of mind.

  • All 1WRKOUT clients must sign a waiver.
  • ONLINE CLASS: We reserve the right to refuse entry to clients who are more than 5 minutes late. Entry will be at the discretion of the online class monitor. Entry is not permitted if payment has not been made beforehand.


How do I sign up for class?

You can visit our website to purchase classes for our virtual workout. We also offer class packages. You can see a full breakdown of our class packages and pricing HERE


Simply purchase your ONLINE credit. Select the class you would like to join. You will receive an email 1 hour and again 5 minutes prior to class with a unique ZOOM link.

What equipment do I need for ONLINE CLASSES?

Our workouts are designed to use bodyweight for most moves. However, we always ask you to have a large towel, a mat, a space of wall to sit against, a chair and two items weighing around 3-5 lbs. These can be dumbbells or kettlebells—even 2 bottles of water work great! 

What times are the classes and how many do you have each day?

Please click HERE to view our weekly schedule. Please remember all class times are in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Do you offer corporate discounts or private group/individual classes?

Yes, we absolutely do! Find more info HERE

Do you offer gifts cards?

Yes! You can find options on our gift card page HERE

Can I transfer or share my package?

At this time, we do not allow clients to share packages.

Can I refund my class credits or packages?

No. Class credits and packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Do classes expire?

Yes. Classes and packages are good for one year from purchase.

What is your cancellation policy?

We open our schedule for reservations 7 days prior to classes. If you cannot make a class, we require that you cancel 12 hours prior to the start time in order to save the credit. If you cancel after that time, you will forfeit that class credit.

Can I switch my reservation?

If you are outside the 12-hour window you may move your reservation to another class as long as there is space. If you try to move within the 12 hours prior to class, that will be considered a late cancel. See above for details under cancelation policy.