Welcome To the Worldwide 1WRKOUT Community.

We are Excited To Have You! 



HOW TO GET THERE:  You will be sent the Zoom link to class 30 minutes prior to the start time. Click the link and enter the class waiting room where our class monitor will admit you into our virtual space. Don’t worry, you can have your camera on or off depending on what you’re comfortable with!

WHAT YOU’LL DO:  For the next half hour, an expert 1WRKOUT instructor will lead you through an experience called “time under tension” training—you’ll perform exercises that you may be familiar with, but at a much slower pace than you’re used to.

HOW IT WORKS:  Our workouts are designed to use bodyweight for most moves. However, we always ask you to have a large towel, a mat, a space of wall to sit against, and a sturdy chair.