We Are Online

WE were born in the virtual world. WE are your ONLINE gym that won’t disappoint /or won’t leave you wanting more. We were designed to be this way. Whether you are online or in our studio you’ll always be on beat with 1WRKOUT.

We Are For Fitness Fanatics and First-Timers

The beauty of this workout is that it’s a proven, safe regimen for everyone from 18-80, regardless of experience and strength. It can be completed with dumbbells or with your own bodyweight.

We Are Efficient

By guiding you through a “time under tension” program, 1WRKOUT instructors can give you a better pump in 30 minutes than anyone else can in an hour. You’ll leave feeling stronger, with more energy, focus—and time!—to tackle the rest of your day.

We Are a Global Community

When you sign up for a 1WRKOUT class, you’ll have the opportunity to exercise with and meet people from all over the world. Perhaps you’ll find your next business contact or friend among our clientele. Already, we have residents of 10 countries who are reaping the benefits of 1WRKOUT.

Got a half hour?

Go beyond routine and beyond your limits. Let’s build muscle mass and a stronger you in half of the time of your regular workout.


Four personal trainers posing in front of camera.

Interrupt your daily thoughts.

Block out all of the static and chaos around you.
Let’s bring your thinking inside you.

We Are Convenient

Whether you live in Dallas or Dubai, you can participate in our classes and gain special access to our elite trainers who are available to answer all of your questions whenever you have them.

We Create Confidence

This workout is easy to understand. There is no complicated equipment or gimmicks—simply follow the beat of the metronome. In the course of a couple of classes, you’ll master new skills and achieve feats you never thought were possible.

We Appreciate Calmness and Tranquility

Our specially trained instructors are laser-focused on YOU: your technique, your breathing and your-well-being. Between our carefully curated Metronome App tones and sounds you will find a calmness amongst the intensity.

We Protect Your Body

With 1WRKOUT you’re not spending an hour repeatedly pounding the same muscles in the gym, on a treadmill or a bike. In fact, there’s a growing body of research that shows these very intense, high impact workouts can harm your immune system. Our focus on slower, controlled movements won’t tax your joints and tendons—but strengthen your muscles and most importantly, reduces the risk of injury.